The Best Australian Salmon Lures In 2023: For Every Fishing Style & Budget

For anglers looking for a fun challenge, Australian Salmon in the Southern waters of Australia should be your go-to! Its strength and willingness to take lures make it one of the best sports fish around – not to mention its accessibility from shore. Though they aren’t renowned for their taste, catching salmon is truly an unforgettable experience due to how aggressively they attack lures. When it comes to fishing, few moments are as thrilling and rewarding as casting into a school of eager salmon and feeling the tug on your line.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on Australian Salmon, but today we’re focusing on the lures that will ensure a successful fishing trip. The best lures for Australian Salmon have been outlined in this article, so you can make sure you’re always prepared to get amongst the action!

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The Best Australian Salmon Lures In 2023: For Every Fishing Style & Budget

When it comes to catching Australian Salmon, having the right lures is essential. There are a variety of types of lures that can be used to target these fish, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation. From spinnerbaits and soft plastics to metal lures and jigs, you’ll need an arsenal of options at your disposal if you want to maximise your catches. Let’s go through each lure type and highlight its best features and their pros and cons.

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The Best Spinners and Spinnerbaits Lures For Australian Salmon 

These lures feature at least one metal blade that revolves in the water, generating vibrations and flashing patterns similar to those of typical prey species – thereby attracting larger predator fish.

Australian salmon can be especially accessible for land-based fishing since they generally swim close to beaches between early morning and mid-morning – creating an optimal opportunity for anglers without having to traverse far from shore!

When looking for food, Australian salmon are not picky; they will consume just about anything. They typically search for whitebait, pilchards, anchovies, pipis and sandworms which suggests that any spinners that can imitate the movement of these species should do the trick. Additionally, spinners with bright colours and attractive sounds will be even more successful.


Pros & Cons of Spinners and Spinnerbaits


✔️ They are the most versatile lures for Australian salmon and can be used in a variety of conditions.

✔️ The vibrations and movement created by the spinner can attract larger predators from miles away.

✔️ Spinners are also durable and easy to use for anglers of any experience level.


They can be more expensive than other types of lures.

Can be difficult to use in shallow waters, as they can snag on the seabed.

The flashing patterns and vibrations may also be too enticing for smaller fish.

Here are some of the most popular Spinners and Spinnerbaits lures for Australian Salmon:

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The Best Soft Plastic Lures For Australian Salmon 

Soft plastic lures are designed to imitate a variety of bait fish, appearing in various sizes and colors – from brightly colored grubs, frogs, worms and more. For example if you intend to catch Australian salmon; sandworms, pipis or white bait/anchovies would be the most effective choice for your soft plastic lure selection. Therefore try opting for worm-like plastics or those resembling the above mentioned fish species which should increase your chances of success!

When targeting Australian salmon with soft plastic lures, it’s important to note that the lures should be light in weight. This will enable them to move freely with the current and mimic the swimming motions of real baitfish. Additionally, the use of light jig heads will allow the lure to sink slowly, which is vital for any successful fishing experience.

When you’re fishing with soft plastic lures, it’s essential to properly dispose of them and make sure they stay attached to your line. These kinds of lures aren’t great for the environment and can cause injury if a fish eats one. To keep everything secure, fasten zip ties or O-rings onto your hook – that way the lure won’t be able to detach from your line.


Pros & Cons of Soft Plastic Lures


✔️ Easy to use and effective in mimicry.

✔️ Lightweight allowing it to move freely with the current.

✔️ Can be used in any depth and is very affordable.


Not environmentally friendly, so ensure you dispose of them safely.

Here are some of the most popular Soft Plastic Lures for Australian Salmon:

Metal Lures |


The Best Metal Lures For Australian Salmon 

When it comes to catching Australian salmon, silver metal lures are incredibly effective. While the weight of the lure doesn’t influence their appetite for diverse prey, keeping a variety of sizes on hand is recommended in case larger or smaller fish appear.

Australian salmon actively hunt for their prey in the form of whitebait, pilchards, and anchovies. These species display a spectrum of shimmering silver-grey to blue shades – and even more dazzlingly when light reflects off their glossy scales or markings (depending on which one). For the best chance of reeling in Australian salmon, try using a metal lure that matches their silver-grey colour!


Pros & Cons of metal lures


✔️ Bright metallic lures are an effective way to attract Australian Salmon.

✔️ Metal lures come in a variety of sizes and weights, making them easier to match the size of your target fish.

✔️ The reflective qualities of these lures make them attractive to Australian Salmon from a distance.


They can easily get snagged on rocks or debris.

Here are some of the most popular metal lures for Australian Salmon:

Shimano Orca Sinking Pencil Lure - Best Australian Salmon Lures


The Best Hard-Body Lures For Australian Salmon 

Hard body lures, made of strong materials like wood, plastic or metal and resembling the native prey species of Australian salmon prove to be one of the most popular options for anglers. They are capable to imitate almost any type of fish that predators love to eat and come in varying shapes and weights – allowing you to adjust your technique as needed. Hard body lures can be used in any water condition and are an inexpensive, yet effective way of attracting Australian salmon.

For example, when fishing for larger Australian salmon, you could opt for a larger lure with a heavier weight to keep the bait submerged. On the other hand, if you’re targeting smaller fish, opt for something a bit lighter that won’t sink too quickly. Generally speaking for Australian salmon, you want to seek out lures that resemble natural food sources like white bait or anchovies.

When using a hard-body lure, it’s important to stay alert and adjust your technique if needed. That way, you’ll be able to ensure that your lure is moving in the right direction – and hopefully make a few catches along the way!


Pros & Cons of Hard-Body Lures


✔️ Can imitate almost any type of prey, making them incredibly attractive to Australian Salmon.

✔️ Hard body lures come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights – allowing you to adjust  as needed.

✔️ Inexpensive and easy to use.


Can be difficult to remove from rocks or debris if snagged.


Here are some of the most popular hard-bodied lures for Australian Salmon:

Popper Lures |


The Best Popper Lures For Australian Salmon 

Poppers are a type of surface lure designed to create a ‘popping’ noise when pulled through the water. Poppers produce a lifelike thrashing motion that mimics the distress of injured prey, quickly attracting predatory fish such as Australian Salmon to your location. The sound attracts Australian salmon, and when combined with the bright colours of most poppers, your chances of catching some big fish are greatly improved!

When using a popper, it’s important to be aware of the noise and vibrations that you’re creating. While this is an effective way of getting the attention of Australian salmon, it can also scare them away if you’re not careful. Therefore, try to keep your lure close to the surface of the water and use a slow, steady retrieve to keep your popper from making too much noise.

If you’ve been out on the water for a while without any catches, try luring some in with poppers – they just might be your ticket to success!


Pros & Cons of Popper Lures


✔️ Highly visible and attractive to Australian Salmon.

✔️ Effective at imitating the thrashing of stricken prey.

✔️ Easy to use – just cast and retrieve.


Can create too much noise if not used correctly, which can scare away Australian Salmon.


Here are some of the most popular popper lures for Australian Salmon:

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