10 Best Fishing Gaffs for Landing Big Fish Quick & Easily

One of the most important accessories on big-game boats, a fishing gaff is much faster and more efficient compared to a net. In fact, it’s so essential for a successful day on the water that seasoned fishing crews carry several gaffs, each one developed for a specific job. 

So, whether you’re trying to catch large game fish like marlin or are just looking for a reliable tool to reel in your occasional trophy catch, a high-quality fishing gaff is a must-have for every serious angler. 

To help you make the most out of your fishing excursions, we’ve reviewed some of the top fishing gaffs and even included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the best fishing gaff for your needs.

Top 10 Best Fishing Gaff in 2023

Since a fishing gaff is essentially a hook with a handle, it might seem pretty simple to just pick one. However, if you take a quick look at the wide range of options, the decision becomes much more difficult. 

Available in countless sizes and materials at prices ranging from $20 to over $100, it can be easy to get confused. To ensure you make the right decision and choose the right fishing gaff for the job, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best fishing gaffs available in the market:

Our Top Pick

SANLIKE Extendable Fishing Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

Editors Choice  

Aftco Gaff Hook - Best Fishing Gaff

Best Value  

SAN LIKE Fishing Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

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# 1
SANLIKE Extendable Fishing Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

SANLIKE Extendable Fishing Gaff

The SAN LIKE Extendable Fishing Gaff is an excellent solution for anglers looking for a compatible, easy-to-transport gaff without sacrificing too much on durability and performance. 

Made with an incredibly sharp stainless steel hook and reinforced aircraft-grade aluminium, the gaff is both lightweight and strong, making it perfect for catching bigger fish. It’s also available in two sizes and expands to either 47” or 55”, depending on the model. 

It folds down to a length of 17” as well, allowing for easy storage and making it the best fishing gaff for anglers who don’t have a lot of space onboard.


Final Thoughts

Designed with a stainless steel hook for improved strength and a high-density EVA handle for increased friction, the SAN LIKE Extendable Fishing Gaff is suitable for all types of heavyweight fishing activities. The hook is both lightweight and strong as well, so you can deal with those bigger and more aggressive fish without much of a struggle. 


✔️ Excellent value for money. 

✔️ Telescopic handle for additional length. 

✔️ Comes with a lanyard for the wrist. 

✔️ Lightweight and durable construction. 


Some anglers might find it to be too short.

# 2
Aftco Gaff Hook - Best Fishing Gaff

Aftco Fishing Gaff Hook

Aftco is known for its high-quality fishing gear, and the Aftco Fishing Gaff Hook is no different. Boasting an aluminum tapered tip, the gaff allows you to quickly maneuver through the water, while its durable, corrosion-resistant construction ensures you’ll be using it for years to come. 

The five-foot gaff hook also features two non-slip grips, which is exactly what you need when you’re trying to hold onto your prized catches. The Aftco Fishing Gaff Hook is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship as well, earning it a place on our list of best fishing gaffs.


Final Thoughts

The Aftco Fishing Gaff Hook is slim and tapered, allowing you to quickly and accurately slash through the water. Available in the brand’s traditional rich gold and black anodized finish, the gaff hook is both beautiful and resistant to saltwater corrosion, making it our Editor’s choice. 


✔️ Durable non-slip grips for better control. 

✔️ Quality construction and materials. 

✔️ Resistant to saltwater corrosion. 

✔️ Black vinyl butt caps seal out corrosive moisture.


Doesn’t float.

# 3
SAN LIKE Fishing Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

SANLIKE Fishing Gaff Stainless Steel

Made with fiberglass, this SAN LIKE Fishing Gaff boasts an incredibly lightweight floating design. It also features a sharpened round-bend hook and a comfortable slim handle, ensuring optimal tensile strength and minimal water resistance when you’re sea fishing.  

Its non-slip EVA foaming handle further provides better grip and control, so you can reel in your prize catch even if your hands turn sweaty during the fight. The sharpened hook of this SAN LIKE Fishing Gaff comes with a protective tip for safety as well, while its specially designed lanyard ensures it doesn’t accidentally go overboard.


Final Thoughts

The SAN LIKE Fishing Gaff offers excellent value for money. Boasting an incredibly sharp round-bend hook and a comfortable non-slip handle, it’s lightweight yet strong enough to catch all those bigger, meaner, and more aggressive fish. 


✔️ Lightweight gaff floats on the water. 

✔️ Non-slip EVA handle provides comfortable control. 

✔️ Optimal tensile strength and minimal water resistance.

✔️ High-grade stainless steel construction ensures durability.


Aluminium threading is a bit thin and brittle.

Weaker at the extension joint.


# 4
BUBBA Portable Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

BUBBA Portable Gaff with Stainless Steel Offset Hook

This portable gaff from BUBBA is the perfect option for anglers who want a carbon-fibre gaff hook that offers maximum control. Its stainless steel hook provides anglers with an increased balance point, giving them an increased lift when they’re bringing their catch back into the boat. 

The gaff hook also features textured non-slip grips for a better and more comfortable grip, while its versatile design fits most rod holders. Best of all, the gaff is available in four different sizes, so you can choose the fishing gaff that best suits your style. 


Final Thoughts

With a lightweight carbon fibre handle and high-strength stainless steel construction, this BUBBA Portable Gaff beautifully balances strength, durability, and control. Its non-slip grip handle ensures a firm grip even when your hands are wet, while its increased balanced point offers maximum control, making it one of the best fishing gaffs available in the market. 


✔️ Quality construction and performance.

✔️ Carbon fibre shaft enhances durability. 

✔️ Offset hook for better control and balanced performance. 

✔️ Available in four different sizes.


Heavier than other fishing gaffs.


# 5
Promar Elite Series Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

Promar Elite Series Fishing Gaff

Featuring strong carbon fibre construction and a tapered design, this durable and lightweight fishing gaff from Promar’s Elite Series Gaff offers good maneuverability through the water, so you can land your trophy fish. 

The gaff is designed with a strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel hook and a custom-wrapped grip for comfortable, solid control. The grip section is further wrapped with a thick tuna cord to maximize grip and friction, ensuring you don’t lose your catch even if your hands get sweaty. 

Lastly, the design includes a butt cap, which helps protect your boat from unintended damage and scratches, especially when you’re engaged in a high-paced battle with a fish on the line. 


Final Thoughts

The Promar Elite Series Fishing Gaff is constructed with the latest high-tensile carbon fibre technology, making it the best fishing gaff for landing your trophy catches. Thanks to its tapered shaft, the gaff is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver, allowing you to accurately slash through the water. 


✔️ Extremely lightweight and strong.

✔️ Hand-wrapped grip for better control. 

✔️ Boat-friendly butt cap prevents scratches.


Limited sizes available.

# 6
KOMCLUB Telescopic Fishing Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

KOMCLUB Telescopic Fishing Gaff

Made with high-quality stainless steel, the hook of the KOMCLUB telescopic fishing gaff has a sharp circular arc, allowing you to drag your prize catches into the boat effectively and quickly. The additional safety measures help save time and energy, while the protective tip hook prevents damage to you and the boat when the gaff is not in use. 

The entire fishing gaff weighs only eight ounces as well, so it won’t add to the existing load as well. Along with being strong and elegant, the retractable fiberglass design is also resistant to seawater corrosion, ensuring the gaff will last you for years to come. 

Lastly, you can expand the gaff’s length from 23.6” to 57.24” and effectively increase your fishing range to boost your fishing success rate. 


Final Thoughts

Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel hook and lightweight fibreglass design, the KOMCLUB Telescopic Fishing Gaff is perfect for large-scale fishing activities, including boat fishing, saltwater fishing, and ice fishing. One of the best fishing gaffs in the market, it also makes for a great gift for your angler friends. 


✔️ Made with strong and corrosion-resistant glass fibre. 

✔️ EVA grip cover offers a comfortable grip and better control. 

✔️ Sharp, pointed hook is made with high-quality stainless steel for improved strength and durability.


Might be too small in size for some anglers.

# 7
GAFFER SPORTFISHING Aluminum Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

Gaffer Sportfishing Aluminum Gaff

The Gaffer Sportfishing Aluminum Gaff is constructed with durable aircraft-grade anodized aluminium and stainless steel, making it strong enough to reliably bring in your catch, again and again. 

Its machine-pressed, laser-sharp head allows you to drag the bigger and more aggressive fish into your boat quickly and efficiently, while the conically sharpened hook ensures optimal tensile strength and minimal water resistance. 

The Gaffer Sportfishing Aluminum Gaff also comes with a plastic insert at the end to protect against gel coat damage and prevent injuries when it’s not in use. Its four-foot design is collapsible as well, allowing easy storage and portability. 


Final Thoughts

Boasting a design that’s optimized for the highest tensile strength and minimal water resistance, the Gaffer Sportfishing Aluminum Gaff is perfect for making the final critical kill shot that will bring the fish into your boat. Made with high-quality stainless steel and durable aircraft-grade anodized aluminium, it definitely deserves a place on our list of best fishing gaffs. 


✔️ Adjustable sheath allows you to choose your preferred size. 

✔️ Lightweight and durable construction. 

✔️ Head will not bend or kink with use. 

✔️ Slim handle for optimal tensile strength and minimal water resistance.


Too lightweight for bigger fish.

# 8
Fiblink Fibreglass Portable Fish Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

Fiblink Fiberglass Fishing Gaff with Stainless Steel Hook

Available in three different sizes, the Fiblink Fiberglass Fishing Gaff is perfect for all kinds of fishing activities, including saltwater fishing and boat fishing. Thanks to its high-strength steel hook and structurally enhanced glass fibre construction, it’s the best fishing gaff for catching bigger fish.

The Fiblink Fiberglass Fishing Gaff is designed with a hook protection sleeve for additional safety and a metal ring to prevent it from accidentally going overboard. Along with providing comfort, its shrink tube handle also increases the friction between your hand and the rod, so you don’t lose your grip even if your hands become sweaty.


Final Thoughts

Able to hold up to items that weigh up to 66 pounds, the Fiblink Fiberglass Fishing Gaff is strong enough to catch bigger, meaner, and more aggressive fish. The shaft is long and sturdy, while the hook itself is sharp and designed at an excellent angle, making the gaff ideal for ice fishing. 


✔️ Strong stainless steel hook for catching bigger fish. 

✔️ Hook protection sleeve protects both you and the boat. 

✔️ Can hold a weight of up to 66 pounds. 

✔️ Rubber shrink tube handle provides a strong and comfortable grip.


Might be too big for kayak fishing.

# 9
TXXMA Fishing Gaffs - Best Fishing Gaff

TXXMA Telescope Fishing with Stainless Steel Hook

With a foldable length of 36 inches and an expandable length of 87 inches, the TXXMA Telescope Fishing Gaff allows you to easily lengthen or reduce its size. It’s strong, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it ideal for boat fishing and saltwater fishing. 

The gaff’s sharp stainless steel hook makes it easier to drag bigger fish into your boat, while its ABS non-slip handle ensures you don’t lose your grip during the fight.


Final Thoughts

The TXXMA Telescope Fishing Gaff offers excellent value for money. Boasting an excellent rubber grip handle, an incredibly durable metal hook, and an extremely lightweight design, it’s definitely one of the best fishing gaffs available in the market. Its only downside is that the hook sometimes comes a bit loose. 


✔️ Foldable design for easy storage. 

✔️ Durable and lightweight design. 

✔️ Non-slip handle for better control. 

✔️ Sharp metal hook for catching bigger fish.


Bottom part is a bit loose.

# 10
Fiblink Portable Fish Gaff - Best Fishing Gaff

Fiblink Portable Fishing Gaff with Stainless Steel Hook

This Portable Fishing Gaff from Fiblink is made with fibreglass to provide anglers with exceptional durability and strength. Its sharpened, stainless steel hook is lightweight yet strong enough to catch all those bigger and sharper-toothed fish. 

The gaff is further designed with a non-slip grip, offering you a comfortable and strong grasp on the gaff, even if your hands become sweaty. Lastly, its unique design boasts a steel hook keeper, so you don’t have to worry about your gaff accidentally going overboard.


Final Thoughts

One of the best fishing gaffs today, the Fiblink Portable Fishing Gaff’s fibreglass design provides durability and strength, while its sharp stainless steel hook ensures quick penetration. Boasting a comfortable, non-slip grip and a safe, durable design, it’s perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. 


✔️ Fibreglass construction for incredible strength and durability. 

✔️ Non-slip handle provides a stronger and more comfortable grip. 

✔️ Backed by a one-year warranty. 

✔️ Lightweight and strong design.


Hook may become dull quicker than others on the list

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