Get a Grip: 13 Best Fishing Gloves For 2023 | Review & Buyers Guide

While fishing gloves might not seem like a must-have item, anglers who wear them religiously may beg to differ. Not only do they provide protection against line cuts, blisters, and harmful UV rays, but fishing gloves also help prevent potential punctures from sharp fish or hooks. 

Take into account other elements like harsh winds, driving rain, and cold temperatures, and the right fishing gloves can make or break your entire fishing expedition. They also ensure a stronger grip when handling both the reel and the fish, add padding and comfort for hand fatigue, and improve your dexterity. 

With all these factors, it’s hard to justify not owning at least one pair. So, to ensure you don’t slice your fingers open or freeze your knuckles, we’ve reviewed the ten best fishing gloves and even included a buying guide, so you know exactly what to look for.

Our Top Pick

KastKing - Sol Armis Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

KastKing – Sol Armis Fishing Gloves

Editors Choice  

Berkley Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Berkley Fishing Gloves

Best Value  

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Palmyth – Neoprene Fishing Gloves

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# 1

KastKing – Sol Armis Fishing Gloves

KastKing - Sol Armis Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

KastKing – Sol Armis Fishing Gloves

Designed for warm-weather fishing, the KastKing’s Sol Armis Fishing Gloves boast UPF 50 and SPF 50 protection through their comfortable, breathable poly-spandex fabric. The fabric’s four-way stretch ensures a snug fit, while the microfiber in the palms provides extra padding to prevent hand fatigue. 

The exposed upper knuckles in the fingerless design further make performing minute tasks, like tying knots, changing baits, hooks, and dehooking fish, easy. Pairing the gloves with a long sleeve t-shirt will ensure full protection from the sun and prevent skin damage as well. 


Final Thoughts

Designed for protection, fashion, and function, the KastKing Sol Armis Fishing Gloves are the best fishing gloves for sun protection. They’re rated SPF 50 and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, so you don’t have to apply sunscreen before every fishing expedition. 


✔️ Pull tabs at the middle finger and wrist make it easier to get them on and off. 

✔️ Breathable poly-spandex fabric helps you stay cool and comfortable. 

✔️Extra-long cuff provides coverage past the wrist.

✔️ Tough microfiber material boosts durability and longevity.


Some anglers might not like the vibrant color options. 

Sizing is a bit limited.

# 2

Berkley Fishing Gloves

Berkley Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Berkley Fishing Gloves

The Berkley Fishing Gloves are designed with a textured grip, allowing you to safely handle slippery catches. Each heavy-duty pair boasts a secure Velcro wrist closure and helps keep your hands dry and warm throughout your fishing expedition. 

The flexible design also provides easy access to your thumb and index finger, so you can easily operate touch-screen devices, like fish finders, without removing your gloves.


Final Thoughts

Available for under $60, the Berkley Fishing Gloves offer excellent value for money. Their textured surface makes them more tactile and perfect for handling larger fish. However, the one-size-fits-all design might not be ideal for anglers with smaller hands. 


✔️ Provide a good grip. 

✔️ Help avoid fish smell. 

✔️ Ensure protection against line cuts.


Thin back makes them unsuitable for ice fishing. 

❌ Might not be a good fit for anglers with small hands. 

# 3

Palmyth – Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Palmyth – Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Designed with flip-back index finger and thumb caps, the Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves practically free up your fingers, improving your dexterity while you’re wearing them. The stretch neoprene in the gloves makes them extremely breathable and comfortable, while the windproof fabric helps keep your hands dry even in light rain. 

Artificial leather-reinforced palms further enhance durability and allow for a better, stronger grip. Lastly, adjustable Velcro straps ensure a snug fit, making them one of the most practical fishing gloves available today.


Final Thoughts

Boasting a practical cut fingers design, the Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves allow you to retain dexterity and maneuverability, making them ideal for all fishermen and anglers. The plush fleece backing further provides thermal insulation, while the reinforced palms ensure the gloves will last for a long time. 


✔️ Windproof and water-repellent softshell repels snow and water. 

✔️ Velcro wrist straps ensure excellent fit. 

✔️ Leather reinforcement makes for a stronger grip. 

✔️ Durable fabric and design.


Not ideal for freezing cold weather.


# 4

Glacier Glove – Waterproof Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves

Glacier Angler Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Glacier Glove – Waterproof Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves

The Pro Angler gloves are stitched with TechLine Neoprene to combat freezing temperatures. A sturdy Velcro strap secures each glove for a better, more comfortable fit, while a two-millimeter fleece lining boosts insulation. 

Pre-curved fingers further mirror the shape of your hand to help provide reliable dexterity and prevent hand fatigue. The thumbs and index fingers are designed with slits as well, allowing you to pull back the fabric, expose the top knuckles, and easily perform minute tasks like casting and knot-tying. 

Final Thoughts

The Waterproof Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves are specially designed to keep your hands dry and warm, making them perfect for ice fishing. The blind stitching ensures durability, while the feel and dexterity of the gloves are what make them worth including on our list. 


✔️ Wide range of sizes. 

✔️ Waterproof. 

✔️ Seamless palm design. 

✔️ Slits allow you to perform more dexterous tasks without removing the entire glove.


Might not provide enough insulation in really frigid conditions.


# 5

Palmyth – Water Repellent and Insulated Fishing Gloves

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Palmyth – Water Repellent and Insulated Fishing Gloves

With flip-back index finger, middle finger, and thumb caps, these Palmyth Water Repellent Fishing Gloves allow you to free your fingers and execute minute tasks while keeping your hands warm. 

This means that you can easily adjust your camera in frigid weather and use your phone during your fishing expedition without compromising on protection, dexterity, and performance. 

The breathable windproof and water-repellent softshell further repels snow and water, while the adjustable velcro strap secures the gloves to your hands and prevents them from falling off.


Final Thoughts

These convertible gloves are perfect for almost every sport, including fishing. The plush fleece backing boosts thermal insulation, while the reinforced palm provides a better grip. However, while the gloves are ideal for warmer temperatures, they’re not suitable for heavy snow days or extremely cold weather. 


✔️ Finger caps have metal button buttons for better dexterity. 

✔️ Insulated plush fleece backing. 

✔️ Breathable windproof and water-repellent fabric.

✔️ Partial synthetic leather provides better grip.


Stitching is a bit rough.

# 6

BASSDASH – WintePro Insulated Fishing Gloves

BASSDASH WintePro Insulated Fishing Gloves

BASSDASH – WintePro Insulated Fishing Gloves

The Bassdash WintePro Fishing Gloves employ loads of different materials, including a plush fleece lining for insulation, slip-proof synthetic leather for improved strength and grip, a weather-proof polyester outer shell, a microfiber palm to provide additional comfort, and a neoprene cuff to lock out the harsh elements. 

Openings at the thumbs, middle, and index fingers further make it easy to execute tasks with your naked fingers. Each finger cap also snaps completely to the back, preventing them from interfering with your movements and improving dexterity even when you’re fully insulated. 


Final Thoughts

Bassdash Wintepro Insulated Fishing Gloves are designed with a high-density windproof and water-repellent polyester outer shell. While they won’t keep your hands from getting wet forever, their dense construction means that it will take a long time for the water to seep in. 


✔️ Well insulated. 

✔️ Adjustable tightening strap for a secure fit. 

✔️ Easy access to your thumbs and index and middle fingers. 


Modest cuff length might not work with all fishing jackets. 

# 7

Drasry – UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

Drasry UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Drasry – UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

The primary wear points on the Drasry UV Protection Gloves are reinforced with silicone dots and partial synthetic leather, making them one of the best fishing gloves available today. The ergonomic leather not only provides a better grip on paddles and fishing rods but also protects your hands from calluses and blisters. 

SPF UV and UPF 50+ Protection are further woven right into the comfortable fabric and not added with any artificial spray-on chemicals. This means that the UV protection factor won’t wear off or wash off even when the glove is wet. 


Final Thoughts

Made with breathable polyester spandex, the Drasry UV Protection Fishing Gloves will help keep you cool and dry on long fishing expeditions. Elastic fabrics ensure a snug fit, while the fingerless design allows you to cast rods, tie knots, and feel your lines. However, you might need to buy a new pair after a few months. 


✔️ Stretchy and lightweight fabric keeps you cool. 

✔️ ¾ finger length and four-way stretch material ensure comfortability. 

✔️ Fingertip pull and wrist pull make it easy to remove wet gloves. 


Spandex might get a bit fuzzy after a few uses.

# 8

Fish Monkey – Stubby Guide Glove

Fish Monkey Stubby Guide Glove - Best Fishing Gloves -

Fish Monkey – Stubby Guide Glove

The Stubby Guide Glove is the perfect fishing companion, especially for anglers who want protection without any of the added bulk. The gloves are designed with a breathable fabric and feature UPF 50+ protection, protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. 

You can use the gloves for poling the boat and for casting and releasing the fish. The fabric dries quickly as well, so you can spend less time worrying about wet gloves and more time worrying about your catch.


Final Thoughts

Boasting an excellent fit and finish, the Fish Monkey Stubby Guide Glove protects you from the sun and allows you to cast continuously and comfortably. However, the palm material might start retaining water after a couple of washes, so if you have a habit of constantly getting your gloves wet, then it’s better to opt for a different option. 


✔️ Half finger for improved dexterity.

✔️ No-slip pattern for stronger, controlled grip. 

✔️ Neoprene wristband ensures a snug fit. 

✔️ UPF +50 sun protection.


May start to lose their grip after a couple of washes.

# 9

Southern Fin Apparel – UV Sun Protection Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Southern Fin Apparel Kayak Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Southern Fin Apparel – UV Sun Protection Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Designed with certified SPF UV and UPF 50+ protection, these fishing gloves from Southern Fin Apparel will help protect from the sun’s damaging rays and prevent skin aging, even if you consider yourself the most hardcore of anglers. 

The reinforced palm is supported by partial synthetic leather for additional comfort and durability, while the soft, breathable fabric makes the gloves perfect for almost every activity. Each pair is stylish and functional and allows you to have a firm grip on your rod, whether it’s wet or dry.

The fingerless design further provides just the right amount of fingertip exposure, enabling you to easily execute the more tedious tasks without removing the entire glove. Lastly, easy-removal tabs on the fingertips and wrists allow you to remove the gloves quickly, in both wet and dry conditions.


Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a pair of tough fishing gloves that can handle anything you throw at them, then the Southern Fin Apparel Fishing Gloves are the perfect option. The gloves are machine-washable and dry quickly, so you can stay dry throughout your fishing expedition. 


✔️ Comes in a wide range of colour combinations. 

✔️ Protects hands from damaging UV rays. 

✔️ Functional and stylish design keeps your hands cool and dry. 

✔️ Easy-removal tabs for quick removal.


Might not protect your thumbs from blisters.

# 10

Lindy – Puncture-Proof and Cut Resistant Fish-Grabbing Glove

Lindy Fish Handling Glove - Best Fishing Gloves -

Lindy – Puncture-Proof and Cut Resistant Fish-Grabbing Glove

Made from anti-cut, flexible SuperFabric brand material, these Lindy Puncture-Proof gloves protect your hands from minor nicks and more serious gashes from fish teeth, hooks, knives, and gill plates. 

They repel oil and gas, are chemical-resistant, and work great in both saltwater and freshwater. Since these gloves are machine washable, you can easily rinse away fish odors and slime as well. 

These Cut-Resistant Fish-Grabbing Gloves allow you to handle fish more efficiently, making them both a safety tool and a conservation aid, and earning them a spot on our list of the best fishing gloves.


Final Thoughts

Found to be 800% more puncture-resistant than other gloves, the Lindy Fish-Grabbing Glove helps prevent punctures, cuts, and other injuries while fishing. Along with deflecting knives, teeth, and hooks, it also provides a firm grip on slippery fish, making it perfect for anglers. 


✔️ Made with cut-resistant and puncture-proof Super Fabric 

✔️ Suitable for all-weather use. 

✔️ 800% more puncture-resistant than similar fishing gloves. 

✔️ Easy to use.


Full-length finger covers make it a bit difficult to use gloves. 

# 11

Huk – Men’s Pursuit Sun Glove

Huk Men’s Pursuit Sun Glove - Best Fishing Gloves -

Huk – Men’s Pursuit Sun Glove

The Huk Men’s Pursuit Sun Glove is designed with +30 UPF materials to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Its antimicrobial treatment kills all odor-causing microorganisms, while its fingerless design leaves the tips of all fingers uncovered for better dexterity. 

The material lining the glove further boasts hydrophobic fibers, which move sweat away from the skin to somewhere it can evaporate more quickly and efficiently. All in all, these gloves can handle anything mother nature throws at them, making them one of the best fishing gloves on the market. 


Final Thoughts

Completely eliminating the need for sunscreen, the Huk Men’s Pursuit Sun Gloves fit well and provide a good grip. However, the palms do accumulate slime and become slick after handling fish all day. Luckily, giving them a quick rinse and letting them dry for a few minutes fixes the issue. 


✔️ Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. 

✔️ Exposed fingertips allow you to perform dexterous taste. 

✔️ Flexible and stretchy grip for added comfort. 

✔️ Help provide a strong, firm grip.


Only covers half the fingers.

# 12

Goture – UV Protection Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Goture UV Protection Fishing Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Goture – UV Protection Fingerless Fishing Gloves Huk – Men’s Pursuit Sun Glove

Designed with breathable poly-spandex fabric, the Goture UV Protection Fingerless Fishing Gloves offer excellent maneuverability and dexterity. The four-way stretch fabric makes them lightweight and quick-drying, allowing you to feel cool and comfortable throughout your fishing trip. 

The gloves also boast SPF UV and UPF 50+ protection, and their long cuffs protect your wrists when you’re wearing short-sleeved shirts. The cuffs and fingers have pull tabs as well, making pulling the gloves off or on fast and easy, even when they’re wet. 


Final Thoughts

The UV protection offered by the Goture Fishing Gloves makes them perfect for fishing, especially in the summer. Their open-palm design allows you to change baits and hooks easily, while the thick palm pads help protect your hands from knives, teeth, and thorns. 


✔️ SFP UV and UPF 50+ sun protection. 

✔️ Integrated pull tabs ensure ease of use. 

✔️ Breathable and stretchable poly-spandex material. 

✔️ Open palm design offers a snug fit.


Too thin to use as paddling gloves.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Fishing Gloves

Glacier Glove Waterproof Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Why Should You Wear Fishing Gloves?

Wearing gloves offers several benefits when fishing, from protecting your hands from the sun to shielding them against pesky bugs and mosquitoes – especially in those early morning hours. You might think that using sunblock or bug repellent would do the trick just as well, but you can’t discount how a strong scent of SPF could repel fish!

Additionally, wearing fishing gloves is essential to safeguard your hands from any hooks and lines, especially when you are handling a lively fish. The most significant precaution to take while using gloves (in the case of catch and release) is ensuring that they are wet before touching the fish; this ensures that its protective slime coat which serves as its first defence against diseases remains intact. If not taken into consideration during a catch-and-release session, it could be detrimental to the fish’s health in future.

Southern Fin Apparel Kayak Fishing Gloves 2 - Best Fishing Gloves -

Buyers Guide: What Should You Consider Before Buying Fishing Gloves?

How do you choose a good fishing glove amidst the multitude of options?

These are a few things to look out for:


Fishing gloves will be put through a great deal of stress, from fish fins to hooks. To get the most out of your gloves, it’s essential that they are manufactured with durable materials. Materials such as Kevlar and neoprene not only protect your hands but also provide flexibility and comfort. Though these reinforced gloves may cost more initially than others, their long-term performance is well worth the investment.

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves 2 - Best Fishing Gloves -


Comfort is paramount when it comes to finding the perfect pair of gloves for your needs. Pay attention to the type and quality of materials used, as this can heavily influence how comfortable they are on your hands. For example, stretch neoprene provides a snug fit while leather in the palms offers a secure grip – both contributing factors to an ideal glove experience! Additionally, make sure that whatever material you choose has adequate aeration and support capabilities; after all, you’ll be wearing these gloves quite often so comfort should be at the forefront of your decision-making process!

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves 3 - Best Fishing Gloves -

Materials & Construction

Sure, gloves need to be made with high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable. More durable gloves usually have Kevlar reinforcement and are either constructed with mesh for breathability or neoprene for insulation.

But what about construction? How are those materials joined together? What closure systems do the gloves use? Velcro, or hook and loop?  Or maybe elastic closures?

Hoop and loops and Velcro, are highly recommended as they are easily adjustable. Elastic closures are easy to put on and remove, but they wear out quicker.

It’s not enough for your gloves to be made of high-quality materials they should also be joined in such a way that makes them a joy to wear.

Lindy Fish Handling Glove - Sizing - Best Fishing Gloves -

Size & Fit

As we discussed, one of the key elements in having a pleasant fishing experience is to make sure your gloves fit properly. If they don’t fit correctly, it can cause issues when you’re handling lures or terminal tackle – an ill-fitting seam or being too tight will quickly become irritating and uncomfortable. Therefore, finding the right glove that fits just like a second skin should be prioritized; this way you have optimal protection while still keeping feel and grip intact for tactile endeavours such as fishing.

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves UPF50+ size char - Best Fishing Gloves -

When shopping online for gloves, make sure to consult the size chart and measure your hand according to the individual glove’s specifications. Most online sellers provide detailed sizing information along with helpful product reviews to help you make an informed decision.

BassDash WintePro Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves -

Weather and Climate Conditions (you’ll be facing)

When it comes to selecting the right gloves for your angling adventure, be sure to take into account the climate you’ll be fishing in. If temperatures are on the cooler side, pick a pair that offers warmth plus waterproofing – don’t forget about grip and dexterity! As summer approaches or if you’re headed somewhere hot, go with something breathable, as this helps avoid excess moisture. Ensuring that your gloves are appropriate for the weather conditions you’ll be facing will help provide maximum comfort and protection.

Drasry UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves 2 - Best Fishing Gloves -


As with other consumer goods, you get what you pay for.

The amount you spend on your fishing gloves depends entirely on your level of commitment. Are you just a casual fisherman who goes out every couple of months? Or do you find yourself heading to the lake or river near every week?

If you’re an avid angler, investing in a pair of quality gloves is a wise choice. As a rule of thumb, less expensive, easily-replaced gloves can cost from $20-$30. More durable ones for the hardcore angler can cost upwards of $50.

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves UPF50+ - Best Fishing Gloves -


Gloves come in different styles depending on what you’re going to use them for. 

Open-fingered gloves, for instance, allow for dexterity. They allow anglers to manage their line and fishing tackle without being clumsy. In the event that you’ll be operating electronics– like a smartphone, for instance, to take photos, fingerless gloves still allow you the most freedom of movement. 

Close-fingered gloves, on the other hand (pun intended), are practical for a variety of cold-weather fishing tasks where you need to keep your hands warm or where maximum protection is desired.  They are also the preferred option when handling sharp or slimy fish.

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves 2 - Best Fishing Gloves -

Fishing Type

The type of fishing you’re doing also determines which gloves are best for your needs. If you’re surf casting, for example, you’ll want gloves with extra UV protection as well as material that is quick-drying.

Kayak fishing, on the other hand, requires gloves with an excellent grip for paddling and good water resistance. In this case, materials such as neoprene or synthetic leather are great options.

If you’re doing rock fishing, it’s important to have gloves that provide excellent grip and puncture resistance. Leather gloves are a great choice here because they are often very resistant to wear and tear.

In essence, your fishing style will guide your next glove purchase.

Goture UV Protection Fishing Gloves UPF50+ - Best Fishing Gloves -


When shopping for fishing gloves, it’s important to prioritize your needs and desires. Consider size, style, type of fishing and weather before committing to a pair – more expensive accessories tend offer superior protection with greater longevity than less costly versions. Additionally, remember that proper care is essential in order to extend their life-span! With these few simple tips as guidance, you are sure to select the perfect set of gloves; ensuring comfortable hands and years of blissful fishing enjoyment!

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