Top 6 Best Life Jackets in 2023 (Product Review & Buyers Guide)

Choosing the right inflatable life jacket is essential to ensure that you stay safe on the water. With all of the different types and models, it can be difficult to determine which one would suit your needs best. To make sure that you have a reliable lifejacket while out at sea, learning about inflatable options available will enable better decision-making so that you can keep yourself safe!

In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 6 best inflatable life jackets of 2023 – from features to benefits and pros & cons – helping you make an informed decision when shopping for your own personal flotation device. So if you’re looking for the best life jackets around in 2023, then keep reading!

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# 1
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Mustang Survival HIT Work Vest (Auto Hydrostatic)

If you’re looking for a life jacket that offers superior quality and performance, look no further than the Mustang Survival HIT Work Vest. These life vests are equipped with innovative Hammar® Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HIT), which only inflates when 4 inches or more of water pressure is reached, but you also have the option to manually inflate if needed by pulling the manual inflation pull cord.


When fully inflated, it provides you with 38 pounds of buoyancy and is made of strong, heavy-duty urethane-coated nylon. It also has SOLAS reflective material tape and a safety whistle attached to make it easier to see. The cylinder is also contained within the bladder to prevent corrosion, and thanks to its dynamic, strength-tested design, it can be used on any size of inspected or uninspected vessels. Best of all, using it in an emergency is made simple by the low-profile manual activation handle. Plus, its lightweight, 1-fold design makes it easy to store and transport when not in use.


Final Thoughts

All these features combined make the Mustang Survival HIT Work Vest our number-one pick for 2023. The Mustang Survival HIT Work Vest is a great choice for anglers or for those looking for inflatable PFDs that offer maximum safety and security. With its high-performance design, reliable inflation system, and comfortable fit, it’s sure to give you peace of mind on the water.


✔️ Exclusive 5 years maintenance-free 

✔️ Auto-inflation system provides peace of mind

✔️ The back flap provides extra security in choppy waters

✔️ SOLAS reflective material tape increases visibility

✔️ Lightweight design allows for easy storage and transport

✔️ Approval: USCG Commercial Type V Recreational Type III


Pricey compared to other models on the market

# 2
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Onyx A/M-24 Deluxe – Inflatable Life Vest

Automatic/manual inflatable PFDs like the Onyx A/M-24 Deluxe are a great option for people who want to feel secure and comfortable while out on the water. Any body type can use it because of its lightweight, universal design. With 22.5 lbs of buoyancy, it will more than keep you afloat in the water. To ensure a tight fit, it has a wide neoprene neckline and an adjustable body belt. While its padded, fleece-lined pockets offer cosy comfort and safe zippers for your belongings, the inflation handle clips to the life jacket to prevent snags. The Onyx A/M-24 Deluxe can be easily recharged with a straightforward rearm kit and is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, which is the best part.


Final Thoughts

The manual conversion cap for the Onyx A/M-24 Deluxe is also included for those who favour manual inflation. By using this cap, you can change the life jacket’s automatic inflation system to a manual one. It’s understandable why this life jacket came in at number two on our list, given its many features and advantages.


✔️ 28-pound buoyancy

✔️  Choice of automatic or manual inflation

✔️ The lightweight design makes all-day comfort possible, and the adjustable straps and buckles guarantee a good fit.

✔️ Meets and is approved by US Coast Guard standards.

✔️  Affordable price range


Sizing can be challenging.

Unsuitable for harsh environments

# 3
Inflatable Life Jacket PFD Type 1 Level 150 3 | Best Life jackets |

Menace Marine – Inflatable Life Vests PFD Type 1 Level 150 – (Economy Version)

The Inflatable Life Jacket by Menace Marine is a great choice for those looking for an affordable, lightweight and reliable life jacket. These inflatable life vests feature a manual inflation system with an oral inflation tube and CO2 cylinder that can be activated in seconds with a single pull of the inflation pull cord. The personal flotation devices are designed to provide up to 150 Newtons of buoyancy when inflated, equalling 15.3 kg or 33.7 lbs of flotation, which meets the requirements of Level 1 inflatable PFDs. Making it suitable for both recreational and commercial boating activities.


Final Thoughts

It’s easy to use and comfortable enough to wear all day long while fishing or out on the water, enjoying other activities like kayaking or sailing. Plus, its bright blue colour (hi-viz once inflated) makes it highly visible even in low light conditions, which adds another layer of protection should you ever find yourself in trouble out at sea.

All things considered, this product is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for reliable yet affordable inflatable PFDs that won’t break your budget. This is why we’ve rated the Inflatable Life Jacket by Menace Marine as the best value and made it to the third position on our list.


✔️ Best value and affordable price point

✔️ 150 newtons of Bouyancy (15.3 kg or 33.7 lbs)

✔️ Certified to the latest Australian Standard AS4758.1

✔️ Adjustable straps for a perfect fit every time

✔️ It comes with a built-in safety whistle attached

✔️ Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long


Not as durable as more expensive models.

❌ Manual inflation system may be difficult to use for some people.

# 4
Watersnake Manual Inflatable Level 150 Life Jacket

Watersnake Manual Inflatable PFD Level 150

The Watersnake Manual inflatable PFDs are a type of inflatable jackets that are designed to meet Australia’s safety standards and provides wearers with optimal comfort and safety. Made of neoprene neck-liner and durable nylon Oxford 420D, this manual inflatable life jacket can be worn over clothing and has an easy-to-use 50mm webbing belt with a twin-tab synthetic nylon buckle.

This life jacket is suitable for adults heavier than 40kg, and the manual inflation system can be activated by toggle or oral inflation mouthpiece. The Watersnake life jacket has been designed to keep wearers safe and afloat in offshore and rough weather conditions, with its flat design making it an excellent choice for easy storage and convenient access for maintenance and servicing.


Final Thoughts

The Watersnake Manual Inflatable PFD life jacket made it onto our list because of its excellent combination of safety features and comfort. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable during long days on the water. Additionally, its manual inflation system ensures that you’ll always be prepared in case of an emergency situation by providing reliable buoyancy when needed most.


✔️ 150 newtons of Bouyancy (15.3 kg or 33.7 lbs)

✔️ Certified to the latest Australian Standard AS4758.1Lightweight design for all-day comfort

✔️ Manual inflation system provides reliable buoyancy

✔️ Reasonable price point

✔️ Adjustable waist belt for a secure fit


Manual inflation system requires practice to operate

❌ No retro-reflective material tape for visibility in low-light conditions.

# 5
Burke Inflatable PFD Manual Inflation Life Jacket Light Weight Fishing Level 150

Burke Inflatable PFD Manual Inflation Life Jacket Level 150

The Burke Inflatable PFD Manual Inflation Life Jacket is designed for anglers who want to stay safe and comfortable while fishing. This lightweight, inflatable life jacket features a manual inflation system and provides 150 newtons of buoyancy. It also comes with 6 retro-reflective material tapes to make you more visible in low light conditions, as well as an easy-to-adjust waistband and a high-quality UML firing mechanism.

The neoprene collar ensures additional comfort and prevents chafing, while the Level 150 Australian Standard AS4758 certification and the built-in safety whistle attached for added safety. Best of all, there is also a backup oral inflation system in case of emergency.


Final Thoughts

The Burke Inflatable PFD Manual Inflation Life Jacket made it on our list because it offers an excellent combination of safety, comfort, and convenience at an affordable price point.  It is well-crafted, stylish, and offers superior buoyancy. It also comes with a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind. Additionally, its lightweight design ensures maximum mobility, so you can focus on catching fish instead of worrying about being weighed down by bulky gear.


✔️ Lightweight design for improved mobility

✔️ Manual inflation system allows quick  and easy inflation

✔️ 150 newtons of buoyancy for added safety (15.3 kg or 33.7 lbs)

✔️ 6 retro-reflective tapes for visibility in low light conditions

✔️ Neoprene collar ensures comfort and prevents chafing

✔️ Level 150 Australian Standard AS4758 certification

✔️ Built-in whistle and oral inflation system provide additional safety

✔️ Adjustable straps provide a secure fit.


Not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

The manual inflation system may not be as reliable as automatic life jackets


# 6
MUSTANG SURVIVAL M.I.T. 100 MA Inflatable Personal Flotation Device 6

Mustang Survival M.I.T. 100 MA Inflatable PFD

Anglers who want to stay safe while fishing from the shore or in a boat should consider the Mustang Survival 100 MA Inflatable PFD. With comfort and safety in mind, this PFD is made of lightweight material so you won’t feel restricted while you’re on the water. Additionally, it has adjustable straps so it can be customised to fit tightly around your body, providing maximum buoyancy and safety when it’s most needed.


Final Thoughts

Due to its superior design and construction while still providing good value for money, the Mustang Survival 100 MA Inflatable PFD made it to our list of the top 6 best inflatable life jackets. The 500 Denier Cordura nylon used in the construction of this PFD is strong and can withstand repeated use while still offering the buoyancy you need in an emergency. When fully inflated, it provides 28 lbs of buoyancy, making it a great option for anglers who want to feel secure while fishing from the shore or from a boat.


✔️ Lightweight A single-fold design makes repacking simple.

✔️ Every time, adjustable straps guarantee a secure fit.

✔️ When inflated, high visibility contrasting fabric increases visibility in low light.

✔️ Despite repeated use, long-lasting performance is guaranteed by sturdy construction.


❌ Not as buoyant as some of the other choices on our list, making them unsuitable for use in extremely bad weather


Buyer’s Guide For The Best Life Jackets

Are you trying to find the best life jackets for your upcoming fishing trip? Having the appropriate inflatable life jacket is crucial whether you’re going on a long journey or just an afternoon outing. Finding the ideal fit can be challenging in 2023 with so many options available, but don’t worry!

We’ll go over every aspect of selecting a high-quality, comfortable inflatable life jacket in this guide. We’ll also go over guidelines for appropriate maintenance and upkeep as well as Australian usage laws. Read on to learn more about how to select one of these essential pieces of gear if you’re prepared to ensure that your safety comes first while at sea!


Why Is a Life Jacket Necessary When I’m Fishing?

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Wearing a life jacket is a necessity for maintaining your safety on the water, regardless of your level of experience as an angler. A life jacket can give you extra buoyancy in choppy water and keep you afloat if you fall overboard. By regulating your body temperature when submerged in cold water for an extended period of time, it also aids in preventing hypothermia. There are also these advantages:

  • A life jacket is a great way to stay visible and alert other boats of your presence, helping you to avoid accidents or collisions.
  •  A life jacket helps provide support in the event of an accident while fishing, such as falling overboard or becoming exhausted while swimming.
  • It’s important to follow local laws because many places have made wearing a life jacket a requirement. Additionally, a life jacket can give you confidence and peace of mind, enabling you to enjoy your time on the water.

The right life jacket for your needs is essential because it could mean the difference between life and death while fishing. Let’s now examine some things to bear in mind before purchasing an inflatable life jacket.

Key Takeaway: 

To ensure your safety while fishing, you must always wear a life jacket. Purchasing an inflatable life jacket can provide additional buoyancy, regulate body temperature, and help you stay afloat and visible while you’re on the water. Before making a purchase, take into account elements like the jacket’s size and features, as well as where and how to buy one and the regulations governing its use.


What Should You Consider When Buying an Inflatable Life Jacket?

MUSTANG SURVIVAL M.I.T. 100 MA Inflatable Personal Flotation Device 4 | Best Life Jackets |


A few key factors should be taken into account when buying an inflatable life jacket. The first thing is size. Your life jacket should fit you properly in order for you to move about freely while wearing it. Make sure the vest’s straps are adjustable for a secure fit and that it is the appropriate fit too tight nor too loose. In order for it to stay on during an accident, it should also fit snugly around your hips and chest.


Understand the inflatable life jacket sizing chart

It’s essential to understand the inflatable life jacket sizing chart in order to get a vest that fits properly and offers adequate safety. Pay close attention on the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer when searching for an inflatable life jacket. Before making a purchase, it is important to read and understand all sizing information because different brands may have different sizing conventions.

Additionally, pay attention to the vest’s weight limit because it will affect how much buoyancy it offers in an emergency. Inflatable life jackets are typically made in sizes for adults, so it’s important to keep that in mind when shopping. However, there are sizes available for kids as well. By considering each of these aspects, you can be certain that your inflatable life jacket will offer the greatest level of protection while still allowing you complete freedom of movement.

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Buoyancy Rating 

The buoyancy rating of the life jacket is also important; this will determine how much flotation support you have in the water. Look for vests with high ratings (over 150N) if you plan on spending extended periods of time in deep waters or engaging in more extreme activities such as white-water rafting or kayaking. Lower ratings are suitable for more casual activities such as fishing or swimming.

Inflatable life jackets have different buoyancy ratings, ranging from low to high. Knowing which rating is best for you depends on your own individual needs. For instance, if you are an avid sailor and plan to be out on the open seas for extended periods of time, then a higher buoyancy rating may be the right choice. Higher-rated vests provide more protection in case of an emergency, but they also offer more bulk and may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. 

On the other hand, if you’re an occasional paddler or swimmer, then a lower buoyancy rating may be more suitable. These vests provide just enough buoyancy to keep you afloat in the water. However, they don’t offer the same level of protection as higher-rated vests, so they are not recommended for extended water activities. 

MUSTANG SURVIVAL M.I.T. 100 MA Inflatable Personal Flotation Device 3 | Best Life Jackets |


When selecting a certain inflatable life jacket, it’s crucial to take the construction and material of the vest into consideration. The majority of life jackets are composed of nylon or sturdy polyester, while some are also made of neoprene or other synthetic materials. Neoprene vests are more flexible and comfortable than vests made of other materials, but they can be more expensive. Making ensuring the vest is well-made and has reinforced seams with durable closures is crucial.


Safety At Life At Sea (S.O.L.A.S) Approval 

When purchasing an inflatable life jacket, it’s essential to make sure that you only purchase ones with the Safety Of Life At Sea (S.O.L.A.S) mark set forth by International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This standard is in place to guarantee your protection while using the vest and usually provide superior security than other options available on the market without this mark of approval. To ensure that your chosen product meets all safety requirements, be certain to locate S.O.L.A.S approval mark on it


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Next, think about what type of activity you’ll be using the life jacket for – different models are designed specifically for certain activities such as sailing, fishing, swimming etc., so make sure yours matches up with your needs before making a purchase decision. Features like pockets, reflective strips and whistle attachments should also be taken into account when choosing an inflatable lifejacket – these can help keep you safe out on the water by providing extra visibility and storage space, respectively.



When it comes to the cost of an inflatable life jacket, you’ll find that factors such as type, material, and features can cause prices to vary. Typically inflatable vests are more expensive than standard foam jackets; however they boast a higher level of protection for additional safety – plus these models also offer improved portability making them much easier to transport or store away when not in use! It’s essential that anyone looking into purchasing an inflatable vest takes their budget into account while considering the activities they plan on using it with.


Where to Buy 

Shopping for an inflatable life jacket is simple, especially with the plethora of retailers available. Whether that’s a sporting goods store, marine supply shop, or online vendor – ensure you read customer reviews and compare prices to get quality without breaking your budget. Furthermore, make sure the seller is reputable and offers great customer service. Shopping online retailers like Amazon is an excellent way to find the perfect inflatable life jacket for you. With a large selection of vests available at discounted prices and exceptional customer service, there’s no doubt that it will save you both time and money. Plus, with real-life reviews from customers who have already purchased the product, choosing your vest has never been easier!

Key Takeaway:

When looking to purchase an inflatable life jacket, it’s important to take into account factors such as the type of activity you plan on using it for, the material and construction of the vest, and whether or not it meets S.O.L.A.S approval standards. Additionally, it’s important to consider your budget and look for customer reviews when shopping online. Finally, make sure you know how to properly care for your life jacket and follow safety tips when using it out on the water. With the right information, you can be sure to make an informed decision about your purchase.



Care & Maintenance Tips for Inflatable Life Jackets

Best Life Jackets |

To ensure your inflatable life jacket remains in optimal condition, there are a few simple steps to follow. Stow it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures when not wearing the item as this may cause deterioration over time. Moreover, examine it before each use for any signs of wear or tear; if you spot holes or rips replace the product instantly. 

Additionally, a thorough rinse with fresh water after each use will ensure that the fabric stays waterproof and doesn’t degrade over time, making it last longer. Additionally, check all buckles and straps for any rust or corrosion; if signs of damage are present, replace them promptly to guarantee a safe voyage.

Above all, check that your inflatable life vest’s CO2 cylinder is stocked up prior to each use. If it isn’t, make sure you replenish it as per the product instructions before getting back out fishing once more!

Staying safe on the water means making sure your inflatable life jacket is maintained and inspected regularly. It’s important to follow all of Australia’s regulations for life jackets so that you are always properly protected. Maintaining your life jacket will give you peace of mind while out at sea!

Key Takeaway:

Keeping your inflatable life jacket in peak condition is essential for water safety, so make sure to clean and store it properly when not using. Thoroughly examine the buckles and straps, as rust or corrosion can weaken them significantly. For optimal performance levels, refill the CO2 cylinder if needed too! Following these simple steps will ensure that you remain safe while on the water and get maximum value out of your investment.

3 Life Jackets | Best Life Jackets |

Rules and Regulations for Life Jackets Use in Australia

Lifejackets are an absolute necessity for any angler, whether a novice or experienced. Here in Australia, wearing and using lifejackets is heavily regulated when fishing from land or boat alike.

When participating in aquatic activities in Australia, you must be mindful of the specific state regulations and safety guidelines for lifejacket use that can differ depending on activity type and age group. To ensure your wellbeing, it is essential to understand these laws along with wearing an appropriate life vest that meets local specifications for where you are located.

Furthermore, continuous maintenance is required as all lifejackets need to remain current with industry production regulation requirements.

To stay informed on your state’s laws and regulations, visit the official government websites listed below for more details.

  1. Australian Capital Territory
  2. New South Wales
  3. Northern Territory
  4. Queensland
  5. South Australia
  6. Tasmania
  7. Victoria
  8. Western Australia



In conclusion, choosing the best life jacket for your fishing needs is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. By considering factors such as fit, buoyancy, comfort and maintenance requirements, you can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. Remember to always check local regulations before heading out on the water and make sure to do regular safety checks of your life jacket before each use. With these tips in mind, we hope you find the perfect inflatable life jacket for all your fishing adventures!

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