Kingfish Lures 2023: Your Key To A Successful Fishing Season

If you’re looking for a challenge and an exciting angling experience, fishing for yellowtail kingfish using artificial lures is the perfect option. This species of fish is known to be wily and difficult to catch, but with the right techniques and tackle, it can provide some thrilling action.

In this article,  we’ll discuss the best lures for targeting yellowtail kingfish and provide some tips to maximize your chances of success. So grab your gear, and let’s get started!


Types Of Lures For Yellowtail Kingfish

When it comes to artificial lures for targeting yellowtail kingfish, there are a few different types that work best.  Jigs are a great option as they can be cast out further, making them irresistible to kingfish, especially in deeper waters.

Metal lures such as spoons and spinners are also effective for this species of fish, as their versatility allows anglers to fish at different depths and speeds. Large hard-bodied, or stickbait lures are also ideal for targeting yellowtail kingfish, as their erratic swimming action draws the attention of these predators.

Finally, poppers are an excellent choice when fishing in calmer waters, as the sound and vibrations they make on the surface can really bring out kingfish from the depths.

In the next section of this article, we’ll discuss each type of lure in greater detail, including examples of some of the best options on the market.

Yellowtail Kingfish

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The Best Jigs For Yellow Kingfish

Kings are an incredibly active and relentless predator that will pursue their prey with great determination. This inquisitive nature, plus their incessant hunting instincts when in schools and feeding competitively, makes them susceptible to jigging tactics. For offshore fishing, kings have been known to respond well to mechanical jigging techniques. Long and thin knife-style jigs are the most effective option; what’s more, these jigs typically feature a rear weight which allows them to sink deep among kingfish that you’ve already located through sounding. 

It’s widely believed that bigger jigs with a higher profile will draw in the larger kingfish, ranging from 80g to a whooping 500g or more for deep waters. So if you’re after the bigger kingies, don’t skimp on size.

Here are some of the top-rated jigs for targeting yellow kingfish:

The Best Metal Lures For Yellowtail Kingfish

Metal lures, such as slugs, spoons and spinners, can be effective when fishing for yellowtail kingfish. Metal lures are highly versatile options for anglers, with a wide variety of species willing to take them, not just Kingfish. These lures can be used in virtually any condition and terrain – as well as in almost any technique or retrieval method – making them an excellent choice for all-around fishing that never goes out of style! What’s more, metal lures stand up to the toughest tests – they’re practically indestructible!

What makes metal lures so effective and versatile? They are designed to emulate the small baitfish that predatory fish like kingfish feed on. Today’s modern lures look incredibly lifelike with their realistic colours, scale patterns, length and profile. But it’s flashiness that really sets metal lures apart from other types of lure – this is what triggers those fast predatory fish into biting!

Many fast-moving predators, such as kingfish, don’t have the patience to admire a beautiful scale pattern on your fancy lure; but they can’t resist striking shiny objects zipping in front of them. Nevertheless, colours still play an essential role and are worth exploring to find out what works best for your area.

Here are some of the best metal lures for Yellowtail Kingfish:

The Best Hard-Body Lures For Yellowtail Kingfish

Hard-bodied lures, such as poppers, divers and stickbaits, are among the most popular lure types for targeting yellowtail kingfish. These lures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common is their hard body construction. This makes them incredibly durable and capable of standing up to the toughest tests – like a yellowtail kingfish’s powerful bite!

Hard-bodied lures are designed to imitate the behaviour of small baitfish, which is a key factor in successful kingfish angling. Poppers, divers and stickbaits are all designed to create an enticing commotion when they’re retrieved through the water; this, in turn, attracts the attention of predatory fish like kingfish, making them irresistible targets.

These lures can be used in a variety of ways, from slow retrieves all the way to fast jerking motions. Experiment with different techniques and retrieve speeds until you find the one that works best in your area.

Here are some of the top-rated hard-bodied lures for yellowtail kingfish:

The Best Popper Lures For Yellowtail Kingfish

A surface popper is an enticingly effective lure that skips across the water to attract fish. This unique lure has a cupped face on its front which forces out a blast of water during retrieval, resulting in both sound and splash that imitate the erratic behaviour of prey attempting to escape predators – luring any potential fish that is close by!

Fishing with surface poppers is an exhilarating experience as you watch fish chase and bite your lure. This method of fishing lets anglers get more up close and personal with the fish than trolling, but to make sure this type of fishing yields optimal results,  selecting the right popper lure is essential.

Popper lures come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, but they all have one thing in common – a cupped face on the front. This shape is designed to create an enticing sound and splash that attracts fish from a distance.

Here are some of the most popular popper lures for yellowtail kingfish:

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